Kent County Commission

We deserve County government that is focused on finding common-sense ways to grow our economy and improve our quality of life. We must reform the County so that it works for the people of cities like East Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids, not just for the outlying townships.

Promote Sustainability

  • Build a game-changing sustainable business park to divert trash from landfills, recover more reusable materials, and generate renewable energy from organic waste
  • Expand curbside recycling throughout the county
  • Develop community solar farms
  • Encourage electric vehicle adoption and install public and fleet EV charging stations

Defend Our Environment

  • Clean up toxic PFAS contamination in our groundwater
  • Protect our rivers and groundwater by requiring septic inspections
  • Restore the rapids downtown and make sure the river and the riverbanks are accessible to the public

Invest in Children

  • Now that we've passed the Ready by Five Proposal, it's time to make sure those funds are laser-focused on supporting the health, development and education young children and mothers so students are kindergarten-ready
  • Implement the plan to rid lead from homes

Upgrade Our Park System

  • Develop a comprehensive Grand River Greenway plan, with the goal of protecting thousands of acres of natural lands along the river, creating green infrastructure, developing new recreational opportunities, and connecting communities 
  • Support the development of neighborhood parks throughout the county, including in cities

Build a Prosperous Economy for Everyone

  • Support policies that revitalize neighborhoods, encourage home ownership, and expanded housing options
  • Grow Kent County intentionally by preserving farmland, encouraging development in cities, and curbing sprawl
  • Make sure commercial property tax money is invested locally to support neighborhood small business

Demand Justice and Make Our Neighborhoods Safer

  • Expand specialty treatment courts so we move from a system of incarceration to one of treatment for those with mental health and substance abuse issues
  • Create mental health mobile response units and a 24/7 crisis center so we send the right people to deal with each individual emergency
  • Reform cash bail
  • Improve law enforcement training and complete the equipping of officers with body cameras
  • Upgrade the antiquated 911 emergency dispatch system

Improve Fiscal Responsibility

  • Maintain the AAA bond rating while investing in our people and infrastructure
  • Ensure EGR and GR get our fair share of county resources and a strong return on our tax-dollar investment

Make Kent County More Accountable and Transparent

  • Hold Commission meetings at times when citizen can attend, instead of early in the morning
  • Continue to give full access to our meetings including virtual public comment