FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                     

September 15, 2021

Democratic County Commissioners Announce Support Health Department, Director Adam London and the PK-6 Mask Requirement

In the Absence of Official Public Support from the Board of Commissioners, Democrats Issued the Following Statement

We, the undersigned Kent County Commissioners, wish to publicly express our gratitude to and support for our Health Department, its Director Adam London, and every one of its staff members.  These public servants have devoted their careers to protecting and promoting public health. Dr. London has always led our Health Department with courage and thoughtfulness, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many Kent County employees have been stretched to the breaking point during the pandemic, but none more so than those in the Health Department.  These remarkable doctors, nurses, scientists, and staff have boldly innovated in both service delivery and public communications.  They have kept their focus on the enormous job of protecting the public health during times of upheaval, despite the risks of their work and the unfair criticism they have received.  They partnered with hospitals to build a world-class vaccination clinic, made testing widely available, and implemented contact tracing and quarantine protocols to mitigate the impact of the pandemic on our community. They continue to work heroically to vaccinate patients and to educate people who might still have questions about vaccine safety and efficacy. 

Dr. London and the Health Department have seen an outpouring of thanks along with an explosion of ill will following the issuance of a reasonable and scientifically sound health order requiring PK-6 students and staff to wear masks in indoor school settings.  We have been shocked to learn that Dr. London and his family have received threats to their physical safety and disheartened to see his reputation abused in public forums.  While it is our wish that all Kent County Commissioners would unite in publicly supporting Dr. London and his team, we will not wait to express our gratitude for the Health Department and Dr. Adam London. We support the August 20th health order requiring mask use in PK-6 educational settings and appreciate their work to keep the people of Kent County healthy and safe in the face of a serious threat.


Michelle McCloud, Kent County Commissioner, District 13

Carol Hennessy, Kent County Commissioner, District 14

Melissa LaGrand, Kent County Commissioner, District 15

Dave Bulkowski, Kent County Commissioner, District 16

Robert S. Womack, Kent County Commissioner, District 17

Stephen Wooden, Kent County Commissioner, District 18

Phil Skaggs, Minority Vice-Chair, Kent County Commissioner, District 19