State House

Accelerate Michigan's Economy

We all deserve a fair deal in the workplace and a real opportunity to provide for ourselves and our families. We need liveable-wage jobs with good benefits, well-built infrastructure, thriving small businesses, advanced skills training, and protection for collective bargaining. 


Support Families

Michigan families need critical investments to secure a more just and prosperous future: warned paid sick and parental leave, available and reasonably-priced childcare, universal access to affordable healthcare, and attainable housing. 


Invest in Our Students

Great public schools parents can count on are the foundation of a successful community. We need to fully and equitably fund pre-k and k-16 education, support teachers, provide tuition-free community college and career-skills training, make college more accessible and affordable, and incentivize college graduates to stay in Michigan. 


Protect Our Environment

We must take decisive action to counteract climate change: more renewable energy, a better network of electric vehicle charging stations, and modernized waste management and recycling. We must expand greenspace, keep drinking water safe, and hold polluters accountable. 


Defend Women's Rights and Civil Rights

I will always protect a woman's right to choose the reproductive care that is best for them and their family. We also must vigorously defend civil rights protections for people of color and enact laws to safeguard members of the LBGTQ+ community from discrimination. 


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