My Vision for Kent County

We deserve County government that is focused on finding common-sense bipartisan ways to grow our economy and improve our quality of life. We must reform the County so that it works for the people of cities like East Grand Rapids and Grand Rapids, not just for the outlying townships.

Improve Fiscal Responsibility

  • Maintain the AAA bond rating while also investing in our people and infrastructure
  • Ensure EGR and GR get our fair share of county resources and a strong return on our tax-dollar investment

Gaslight Village

Support Our Neighborhood Business Districts

  • Make sure commercial property tax money is invested locally to support small business

Invest in Early Childhood Education

  • Promote pre-K education so more students are kindergarten-ready

John Collins Park

Improve Our Park System

  • Build new and upgrade existing neighborhood parks

Bolster Property Values

  • Defend policies that revitalize neighborhoods and support home ownership

Make Our Neighborhoods Safer

  • Protect funding for police and fire
  • Upgrade the antiquated 911 emergency dispatch system

Make Kent County More Accountable and Transparent

  • Hold Commission meetings at times when citizen can attend
  • Stop the culture of secret back-room deals
  • Require grossly overpaid part-time commissioners to take a 50% paycut